Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rosmah Guna Ilmu Ini Untuk Tundukkan Najib

Women should use their "secret weapon" instead of bugging their husbands to buy them things, said Rosmah Mansor. The wife of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak suggested that women employ their “soft touch” and powers of persuasion.

"Don't ask him too many things. Don't ask him 'I want this, or I want that', men do not like that, am I right? If he wants to give, he'll give it. You can hint, but don't ask and don't force them to get it for you. "You can always persuade.

We've got our secret weapon, so use it to the very best we can," she said amid a resounding applause. Rosmah was speaking at the launch of MCA's Legal Advisory and Women's Aid Centre (Lawa), of which she is the patron. Sharing her thoughts on relationships, she said that wives must obediently stand by their husbands, just as how she is with Najib.

They should selflessly serve their men, regardless of their profession. "I'm sure men are not so boisterous. Don't fight them, be with them, work together with them. If they don't want to eat, you (should) still prepare their food, no matter if you're a doctor or a lawyer, you have to be there with them.

"Make sure that you stand by your husband when he needs you to stand by him, like I do," Rosmah added. As such, she said that married couples should not be argumentative all the time, however, if it is done in moderation, slight arguments can lead to a better love life. "After a little bit of argument and then you make up, you will find that your husband will love you a little bit better," she added as the crowd erupted in laughter.

On a more serious note, the PM's wife pointed out that education is important to ensure that boys are raised to be chivalrous. - mk

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