Saturday, November 9, 2013


"WHY IS THE 'MEDAL OF HONOR' in the Shape of a SATANIC INVERTED PENTAGRAM? This inverted Pentagram is known as a Pentacle and is an ancient symbol related to Witchcraft and Satanism throughout the ages... How come it is now being used as a sign of 'Valor'?

"A former U.S. Marine who I have interviewed told me that the 'god' worshipped at his secret masonic/satanic gatherings with fellow U.S. troops was a Goat-headed spirit which they described as 'the Deceiver of the book of Revelations'. I am continuing to research this phenomenon of satanism within the armed forces and have published a comprehensive series of eBooks which you can read about and see many illustrations from on my website. Read more and find out about the global network of cult members who have high ranking jobs in British and American military at my website...

"EMPIRE OF EVIL is a new 100+ page digital book charting the history of the global network of secret societies and glove puppet politicians at the Pentagon... Does this explain why there are so many murders of innocent people by the U.S. military almost every day of the week? Is the Pentagon deliberately recruiting psychopathic Satanists?"


"Semua artikel dalam blog ini disiar untuk tujuan pendedahan dan pengetahuan am untuk diperdebat dan dibincangkan. Ketepatan maklumat dalam blog ini perlu dibandingkan dengan sumber-sumber lain agar tidak terjadi anggapan penyebaran maklumat palsu atau fitnah. Bagi mereka yang mahukan sesuatu dalam blog ini didelete kerana akta harta intelek sila email gua di"

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