Friday, September 13, 2013

Krisis Syria satu 'game' pencatur dunia - sangat menarik untuk difikirkan

Syria crisis is a scam since beginning, Assad is a puppet of New World Order, he is ordered what he is doing so far, suppress Syrian people, kill and rape them, create more hatred among the 90% sunni and 5% alewite muslims supporting him in Syria, he is a buthcer and a war criminal without doubt.

Russia backs Assad and USA backs AlCiada terrorrists collected from prisons in Libya, Iraq, Pakistan etc. and fighting against Assad as Free SYrian Army. Everything is staged by the international banksters, so called chemical attack was probably a false flag attack by the USA led Alciada or the blackop teams sent in there.

Syrian crisis will be used by the New World Order cabal for more chaos in the World, for major changes in World economy and global social structure, they will bomb Syria now and provoke an attack on Israel or Turkey by Syria or Iran, that will give the NWO elites a reason to start World war 3 in middle east,

war will be conducted to suit NWO agenda, martial law will be declared in USA, Persian Gulf will be closed to oil transport ( Iran is governed by the same evil New World Order bankster puppets, their regime is a fraud since beginning, they are used to keep oil prices high and create hatred between Christian West and Muslim Middle east,

Iran regime has nothing to do with religion, they are the same satanist illuminati cabal just like zionists in Washington D.C. ), all economies will collapse within months, that will give the NWO cabal the opportunity to change global monetary system from petrodollar to a new World currency, which will be owned by the Rothschild banking cartel and will be forced upon all nations and people on earth.

They will create chaos to make people demand solutions and then they will bring up the one World government agenda. We are being deceived into war again. It's a bankers' war just like World war 1 and World war 2.

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