Wednesday, July 3, 2013

video - rally balas penyokong Morsi

Berikut adalah koleksi gambar dan video yang menunjukkan sokongan sebenar ke atas Morsi. Media Barat hanya memberi fokus kepada rally besar yang menentang Morsi di Tahrir tetapi tidak membandingkannya dengan rally sokongan kepada Morsi.

Gambar menunjukkan rally besar-besaran yang diadakan di seluruh pelusuk negara Mesir. Kehadiran di setiap lokasi rally melangkaui 1 juta orang. Jika digabungkan jumlah kesemua yang menyokong Morsi dengan mereka yang berada di Dataran Tahrir nisbahnya adalah sangat tinggi. Namun puak tamarrud ini tidak reti bahasa.

Ini pula adalah laporan Harakah daily

CAIRO, Jul 3: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi called on the armed forces on Tuesday to withdraw an ultimatum for him to share power with his political opponents and said he would not be dictated to.

"President Mohamed Morsi asserts his grasp on constitutional legitimacy and rejects any attempt to deviate from it, and calls on the armed forces to withdraw their warning and refuses to be dicatated to internally or externally," a tweet on the official Twitter feed of the Egyptian presidency said.

A military source said the armed forces had seen Morsi's statement and would issue a response to it.

This came as demonstrators in Rabea al-Adaweya Square increased on Tuesday in support of the legitimacy of Morsi, as several marches arrived to the square from various parts of Cairo and other governorates.

They say the total number of demonstrators in and around the square is 4 million.

They have built more platforms for the incoming protesters, while the streets leading to the square were all blocked and traffic was jammed.

Meanwhile, reports on Wednesday say clashes broke out between supporters of Morsi and security forces at Cairo University, and security sources said dozens were wounded.

Witnesses told Reuters that they heard gunfire and saw teargas being used by the authorities.

Thousands of Islamists had gathered in a square in front of the main university building earlier in the evening to protest against a military ultimatum to Morsi to share power with his opponents.

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