Friday, July 12, 2013

Saudi king urged the severe punishments to those who participate for Jihad in Syria

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Alu Saud, urged severe punishments for "the people who persuaded the youth" to the idea of takfir, provocations and acts of terrorism. Such "people who persuades young men" especially the clerics and preachers who provoke the youth of Saudi Arabia to participate in jihad and establish Khilafah, particularly in Syria.

The request was presented by King Abdullah in an official meeting at the Palace on Tuesday 04/23/2013 by Mufti of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Salih bin Abdul Aziz Alu Shaikh and senior clerics in Saudi Arabia's capital, Riyadh.

According to the official sources, this official meeting was attended by the Crown Prince as well as Prime Minister and Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia, Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz Alu Saud and a number of high officials of the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia's official news agency reported the quote by King Abdullah at the meeting, "Sadly, I have heard the reports that people who meet the youth and persuade them. In this case, imprisonment is not enough to punishthem . May God protect us from the evil Jihadists that persuades our children"

King Abdullah did not mention the party or state clearly what he called "persuade" the youth of Saudi Arabia. Information from security and media reports indicates the majority of Saudi Arabia youths are involved in the reform movement and demonstrations in Kuwait. While most other youth joins Jihad in Syria.

King Abdullah also said, "to those who persuaded our youth, we would expect them to be given a greater punishment than the punishment which currently applies. They had to persuade our young people. As a result most of them were killed and others captured"

Until now there is no official data about the number of youth who strives to join Jiahd in Syria. When answering questions from reporters about the number of Saudi youth that participating jihad in Syria, a military official spokesperson in the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia, General Mansur at-Turkey on April 9, 2013 said, "I'm sure the number is not a lot."

On March 24, 2013, General Mansur at-Turki stressed that the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia "will conduct an examination to the people who proved to have intention to go to Syria for the purpose of jihad and would prohibit them to go." He also said "will directly arrest those who come back home after went to Syria"

In June 2012, Saudi Arabia's Council of Senior Ulema issued a fatwa for jihad in Syria is unlawful for the people of Saudi Arabia without the permission of the government of Saudi Arabia.

This is ironically, in a country that claims as a Muslim country, but considered Jihad in syria as a crime of terrorism and will be punished severely.


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