Thursday, July 11, 2013

Qaradawi's son criticises dad over Mursi fatwa

Abdul Rahman Al Qaradawi 
The son of Dr Yusuf Al Qaradawi, the eminent Islamic cleric, has in a letter addressed to him said that he doesn’t agree with his recent fatwa calling on the people of Egypt to back and reinstate the ousted president Mohammed Mursi.

NOT LIKE FATHER AND SON ... Qaradawi and his son Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman Al Qaradawi said that Mursi had failed the people of Egypt on all counts and left them utterly dejected as he fulfilled none of the promises he made and none of the things that were expected of him as head of state.

“We agreed with him that he would install a participatory government but he didn’t keep his word. We agreed with him that he would clean up the police force but he didn’t do that.”

“We agreed with him that he would be president of all Egyptians but he disappointed us,” wrote the younger Al Qaradawi, local Arabic daily Al Watan reported yesterday quoting an Egyptian website The junior Al Qaradawi continued: “The current situation in Egypt is one of confusion complication and totally different from what your generation has experienced.”

“You haven’t seen a real revolution like the one that is happening in Egypt now.”

“The views and ideas that the present generation of the Egyptians have are totally different from the ones that people of your generation had.”

“That is why I felt that what you have publicly announced is different from what I learnt from you as my father and teacher. You have supported Mursi in your fatwa.”

“It’s a watershed moment in the history of Egypt, which you love so much. That’s why you entitled your autobiography as The Son of Village and the Book”.

The younger Al Qaradawi continued: “You have said (in your fatwa) that Egyptians waited for decades to elect a president from their free will and you have asked all sections of Egyptian society to back Mursi”. “Your comparison of Hosni Mubarak and Mursi is not acceptable, because our generation cannot wait for so long under a dictator. We will not allow any dictator to rule us.”

“You taught us that freedom comes before Shariah. That’s what we achieved on January 25 (2011) at Tahrir Square and that’s what we achieved on June 30 (this year).”

“In your fatwa you have asked all Egyptians to unite and support Mursi. We did that for one year but he did not respond.

“I respect what you said. It’s a religious fatwa and not a political opinion,” said the younger Al Qaradawi hinting that this was the time when Egyptians must differentiate between what relates to religion and what relates to politics to know when a cleric can talk and when a politician can talk.

Abdul Rahman said that, rest assured, his generation would not allow a military rule in their country.

“I know some people would treat my letter as a sign of disobedience to you but I can’t keep silent because it is a fatwa.”


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