Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dear Guneswari Kelly this is what u need , come and read. This post is dedicated to all non muslim friends in Malaysia

School headmaster
I am writing this because I do care..... I am really touched when reading ur statements. The pic u have posted is annoying

Dear friends do u hv feeling n a sense of humour. Is it fair for a sekolah kebangsaan sri pristana treatment our non Muslim children like this during puasa month. They restricted our children to go canteen becoz they will dirty and gave them bilik bersalin n mandi for rehat. They quanteen them not to go out from break. Is this fair? 

Can school treat like this. No food serve n no canteen. 

That bathroom is full of bacteria n smell becoz its a bathroom n next door toilet with the horrible smell. When we ask they keep sending to another bathroom n store place. As a mother I m in teas n sadness. My child in mess at Malay School. Y the parties n no body voice out. How many times we need to run. No STOP FOR THIS!!! My dear malay friends do u think this fair? 

Can ur Allah accept this? Making our children in suffers. This wat 1 Malaysia is it???? Pls help me some plss. I need help my child suffering at that roon whenever her break. Our complaints not taken in school in keep doing same.

First of all, I would like to infrom u that this not the teaching of islam. If the case is to avoid muslims pupil from seeing them eating. Its not Islamic at all. In Islam we dont care seeing people eating. What matters is what in our heart. Its called 'dugaan'

If that is the case , Islam will not accept what the teachers have been doing and its a sin to bully children like that. Its inhuman. It is not islamic at all.

By rite, the teachers must avoid the muslims pupil from going to the canteen. Its the place where people eat and drink.  Fasting is testing yourself. How strong u are.  How strong is your believe in god. Its all about what's in the heart. Surrounding is just a medium of obstacles to test the muslims in the month of Ramadhan.

Can ur Allah accept this? Making our children in suffers. Please try to avoid this kind of statement. It can be misinterpreted and worsen the situation between the religions in Malaysia.

What happened in sri pristana has nothing to with fasting month and Islam.

Its all from me. from my opinion. Read what the 1M MENTERI have to say about this.

Seorang pegawai kepada timbalan menteri pelajaran, S Yogendran berkata, SK Pristana telah pun menggunakan bilik air sebagai “kantin” sekolah terbabit sejak Mac lalu.

Yogendran, yang bertemu dengan pentadbiran sekolah dan ibu bapa di sekolah terbabit berkata tindakan itu berikutan kantin sedia ada tidak cukup luas untuk menampung jumlah murid.

Pembantu kepada timbalan menteri P Kamalanathan itu bagaimanapun tidak menjelaskan mengapa kantin tersebut tidak digunakan semasa bulan Ramadan.

"Isu tersebut telah diselesaikan. (Sekolah) akan menyediakan ruang di kantin untuk pelajar,” kata Yogendran selepas pertemuan tersebut di sekolah berkenaan hari ini.

They started using the washroom as their canteen since Mac this year. Doesn't that mean all the students have to use the same place to eat/drink? Think again,,,,  please stop this kind of provocative statements.


*** I am not American or British educated Malaysian. This is my first English entry... Tried my best to avoid errors... god bless us all.

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