Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gegak Gumpita di stadium Kelana jaya malam tadi (gambar dan video)

My Story of 508: The jam was horrendous. 2.5 hours to reach the destination which normally takes 30 min. We did not get close to the stadium and had to park near Citta Mall. I was initially worried the rumours might come true and tomorrow Utusan will have a front page headline "Chinese only event" or worse "Cina Revolusi".

Thank God we came out of our car knowing it is not going to be controversial when we were greeted by a Malay man swearing and cursing at SPR and Najib Razak, blaming them for the jam. We were like ants literally walking afar and following the crowds to the stadium. The atmosphere was like a carnival. Everyone was enjoying themselves, loud yet controlled, soft yet attentive, rowdy yet respectable, busy yet focused. We only managed to stand outside the stadium.

The spectators were thunderous in their cheers as Anwar Ibrahim addressed them. It is the first time I hear him speaking live. He's certainly a master in public speaking, hyping the crowds up with chants of Ubah and Reformasi to everyone's hysterical delight. I was late so I missed the good first half. Ambiga was then passed the mike to close the event. Again crowds were treated with more chants.

Then the national anthem. Everyone just stood still. It was a touching moment for me. I never felt so moved by the meaning of the lyrics until this very moment. When the crowds start dispersing, it was all done in a prudent and orderly manner. 200 thousands strong crowd, no pushing, no fighting, just more chants. I saw a chinese man helping an old Malay couple to kickstart their car battery.

I saw Malays and Indians just sitting on the fence watching the people passed by. I saw motorists letting pedestrians walk first. I passed by so many smiles from strangers with uncanny familiarities. This is what I love about Malaysia and being a Malaysian. There's still hope. - bruce leong

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