Saturday, June 16, 2012

OFFER: Cewek Umur 18 Tahun RM300 Sejam , Mau Ka?

YOUNG Malaysian girls have turned to Facebook to promote what they term as “compensated dating”, Sin Chew Daily reported.
The paper said there were numerous postings from such girls, who gave personal details, terms and conditions and the services provided, including sex.
Citing an 18-year-old from Johor, the paper said she “daringly posted her photographs” for prospective customers to make comments and also listed 10 conditions for her services.
The girl, who works alone, said she was doing it to pay off her debts.
She warned that if any client broke the appointment, she would post his contact details on a public “blacklist” to alert other girls.
The teenager does not provide chatting service and cybersex. Her fee is RM300 per hour and RM650 per night, inclusive of the hotel room charge.
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Mau kalu lu cari FB dia. Wa tak kuasa mau cari. 
Elok tak usah ler kome weh! Ingat tuhan. Dose memang tak nampak. Bahananya dari hidup sampai mati,sampai hidup kembali > padang mahsyar > jambatan sirothal mustaqim dan berakhir di   neraka. haha! Sindri mau ingatla bro! 

Awas! wa hanya sampaikan berita, bukan iklankan betina tu. Bukan ada komisen punnnn.. haha!

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